The Challenges of Online Board Meetings

Online board meetings eliminate one of the biggest barriers to participation and attendance time. Meetings are less frequent and board members are able to attend more frequently. That alone improves turnout and decreases the possibility of ignoring crucial decisions. It’s important to realize that a board meeting online has its challenges.

In-person meetings let participants read body expressions and facial expressions, which can be difficult to achieve in a conversation online. It’s also harder to keep board members that are not in the same room interested. For example board members may be hesitant to speak up in the course of a meeting because they don’t feel their contributions will be heard. Even if they do speak up however, their voice might be drowned out by other participants or background noise.

Inconsistent audio quality and incompatible software are also challenges for online board meetings. It’s crucial to choose the best video conferencing software that’s secure, accessible, easy-to-use and loaded with features that aid your business. It’s a good idea request your board members to test out the platform before the board meeting online to avoid any technical issues.

Another issue is keeping the meeting on the right track. Limiting the duration of the discussion items can aid. It is recommended that you set a time limit and goals for each item. For instance, you could designate a leader for every item on the agenda or put a time limit on each item. Before moving onto the next item, the goal is to come to the decision or generate ideas.

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